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About Jennifer

Jennifer Russell_Feminine LeadershipI help dynamic entrepreneurs achieve what they want in an integrated way both personally and professionally.

I believe in order to live a life where we are leading ourselves and others, we must realize that we are truly at the helm and the more alignment we can create amongst our own parts, and those of the people we interact with, the more powerfully we can lead others towards helping create our vision of the world.

The true measure of greatness is our capacity to navigate between our opposites with agility and grace – to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never to stop trying to be better.

I am a stand for your success and your results.

I am absolutely tenacious about you experiencing results in your life.

I’m a stand for you achieving what you’re wanting and having that show up for you in an integrated way both personally and professionally.

Want to know more?

I make things happen. I am a manifestor. I love taking a really big vision and making it happen in an impossible deadline with not enough resources…..That kind of stuff is what gets me excited and up in the morning.

I believe in creating a mass coordinated effort towards a cause that’s universally relevant, which leaves people and the planet better than we found it….or why bother.

I breathe Business Strategy. I have a deep understanding of the intersection between creativity and productivity and can often see the entire sequence of steps that will lead you to where you want to go.
I create a facility with the mechanics of change in service to deep identity level work that can liberate people from self imposed beliefs and their underlying assumptions that keep people stuck in their habit patterns.

I teach Leadership, Influence, and Collaborative Systems. These are the keys to accessing incorruptible power and influence especially for women wanting to bring feminine values to the forefront of our culture. which is absolutely necessary if we are going to make it in this world.

How I Am Playing A Bigger Game:

By permanently delaying the date of our human extinction through my work with Critical Path Global.

Through the creation of an omni-considerate population that ceases to externalize harm to any other individual, group, corporation, nation, species, or race.

By making the interconnectedness of seemingly separate issues clear and the specific ways the structures of economic incentive drive the problems.

By critically demonstrating the fundamental structural flaws of modern economics and governance, show the unavoidable harms that necessarily result from these structures, so as to make clear what actually has to be addressed to solve the causes of the problems.

By presenting potential blueprints of new systems adequate to address the identified needs of our planet resolving our biggest global issues and creating a world that works for all life.



jennifer6Jennifer Russell is the President of California Leadership Center and Managing Director of the nonprofit think tank The Emergence Project.

Jennifer’s background is in leadership development, where she has designed and led more than 40 transformational development programs, along with her life and business partner Bryan Franklin, that empower conscious leaders liberating them from self-imposed beliefs that limit what is possible with a unique combination of NLP, feminine leadership, savvy business strategy, deeply transformative identity level, family systems, collaborative systems,work and sacred theater.

Together, Jennifer and Bryan have helped 7 companies scale to the billion dollar mark and thousands of entrepreneurs create 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses with a unique combination of business strategy and deeply transformative identity level work.



Jennifer Russell is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, having worked exclusively in high impact startups, most recently as president of an environmental chemical company, bringing more than 40 new technology products to market. Her dedication to the intersection of creativity and productivity has made her famous for “getting more done by accident than most people get done on purpose.”

Whether it is guiding a cancer drug through the arduous process of testing and development or guiding an entrepreneur through the harrowing process of creating their business, Jennifer’s insight and inspiration are bar none.

Jennifer has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create 6-, 7-, and 8- figure mission-driven businesses with a unique combination of business strategy and deeply transformative identity level work. These programs incorporate the best of NLP, the human potential movement, family systems, collaborative systems, neuroscience, and sacred theater.

In the spring of 2014, she joined Critical Path Global, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an omni-considerate and well informed global population that understands the magnitude and urgency of our world’s problems and brings together the brightest global strategists, futurists, data scientists, systems thinkers, researchers, world leaders and technologists to help create a new roadmap for humanity. Critical Path’s is developing a Planetary Operating System that provides us with the shortest path to a fundamentally redesigned world-system that makes possible and supports the highest quality of life for all life and helps fundamentally alleviate poverty, war, carbon emissions, species extinction, etc.

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