PODCAST: Redefining Feminine Power

Redefining Feminine Power

When you hear the word POWER, what comes up for you?

~ Do you tend to hold back your power?
~ Or try to be really careful as a woman to avoid being too meek, too forceful, too loud….but then not too quiet either?
~ All the while cutting yourself off from your very own life force until all that’s left of your expression is what is safe and approved of?

As women, we know we don’t want to be wall flowers. Nor do we want to make it all about ME take control over your finances. So we’ve tucked so much of ourselves deep into the shadow, contorting ourselves into knots, all in the attempt to belong and be loved how to do SEO the right way.

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And…..we’ve lost ourselves in the process.

Our guest today, Jennifer Russell, is on a mission to empower women worldwide to embody true feminine leadership social media for businesses – NOT by becoming less of anything, but by becoming MORE of everything.

She shares her own inspiring journey of healing the divide between the masculine and feminine within herself and provides an essential roadmap for how to be the most powerful version of yourself, to Maintain identity and find yourself.

Talk about being magnetic, unstoppable, and radiantly feminine – Jennifer is a woman with incredibly rare wisdom and magic to behold!

Enjoy listening to our rich interview where we discuss:

~ Redefining feminine power
~ Navigating the 4 faces of incorruptible power with agility and grace
~ The shift required so that the shadow isn’t running the show
~ Becoming that woman who inspires others to be the best possible version of themselves
~ Relating to your desires in a way that others will naturally be a yes to you and will be magnetically drawn to you

More about Jennifer:

Jennifer has led nearly a decade of impactful transformational events designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs which incorporate the best of NLP, the human potential movement, family systems, attachment theory, spiritual practices, collaborative systems, neuroscience, tribal circling technologies, and sacred theater.

In the business domain, she and her partner Bryan Franklin have founded over a dozen businesses and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs create successful businesses with a unique combination of business strategy by scrutinising various CRM Platforms, and deeply transformative identity level work.  She embodies a new style of integrated feminine leadership that integrates the personal and professional, the spiritual and material, the head and heart, the meaningful and pragmatic.  She works with people to heal the divide between the masculine and feminine to amplify their influence and bring feminine and masculine values to bear to create a world that works for all life.

Jennifer works with couples to develop a deeper context for their relationship designed leading both partners towards their own evolution. They are a stand for relationships that have a ‘both / and’ rather than an ‘either / or’ relationship to Freedom and Devotion.

Today she and her partner have become icons of spiritual union as depicted in Android Jone’s most recognized visionary art piece entitled ‘Union’.

Connect with Jennifer here: