Evolving Love 3-Day Workshop

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We’re bringing the Evolving Love Workshop to San Francisco! Want to spend a couple days with us and completely re-write the relationship patterns that have recreated the same experience of love for years or even decades? For you, we’ve created an early registration link so you can sign up now and save $100:

          November 4th – Singles Workshop

          November 5th and 6th – Couples Workshop

In the workshop, we identify together the single most persistent and painful pattern you re-create in your relationship(s) and resolve it permanently get TikTok followers. We did an amazing Evolving Love workshop in San Diego a few months ago and here’s what people said about it:

You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. That’s why, in the Evolving Love Workshop, people are able to resolve old conflicts that have been going on for years in just a few hours.

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We don’t just uncover your stuck patterns, we give you the new thinking frameworks that break them down and make them easy to work with. 

And perhaps best of all, the experience of talking about the conflict is light, uplifting, empowering, and even exciting.

Help us live in a world without war by healing the war between the sexes. All healing starts within, and all healing starts right now.

“This workshop allowed me to be sooooo much more loving, empowered, and effective in the most challenging moments of conflict in my relationship.” – Ashley

Having an evolutionary relationship doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s something you consciously create with your knowledge, your beliefs & your emotional availability. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, everything you do is either pulling intimacy towards you, or pushing it away.

Commonplace, ordinary views lead to having commonplace, ordinary relationships. When you are out of alignment in your love life, you are likely holding beliefs that seem like they make sense on the surface, but actually strangle the magic out of what could otherwise be epic and lasting love affairs.

Evolving Love made it possible for me to own my projections (and for my partner to own hers!). The biggest difference between this and other couple’s retreats is that this upgrades and evolves the nature of how we do relationships, not just teaches us tools to cope with how they already are.” – Kevin

Most of what we know about how to be a good (or terrible) boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife comes from TV and Movies. And most TV and Movie marriages are incredibly dysfunctional. (Probably because most movie writers, directors, and actors also have incredibly dysfunctional relationships.) They are either total fantasy with no basis in reality at all, or they are downright abusive.

With no real education on how to do it, it’s no wonder so many smart, emotionally aware, and spiritually minded people secretly have a really difficult time in love. Part of the problem is we’ve been taught through the media that some really bad behavior is actually normal.  You may think you can fix your relationship on your own, but that rarely works…most of what’s creating the problem is squarely in your blindspot.

“Bryan and Jennifer shed so much light on the pre-programmed “old paradigm” stories I didn’t even know I was running. This is raising the vibration of our beautiful yet sometimes misunderstood planetary connections.” – David

Spend a full day of guided practice to help you integrate a new way of loving yourself and developing into an evolutionary partner.

Take this course if you want to feel, more positive, more optimistic, and more clear about how to call in the right evolutionary partner for you, and how to know with absolute certainty once you’ve met them. Permanently resolve the recurring patterns you’ve experienced in nearly every past relationship and unlock the door to a whole new level of happiness, support, and transformation.


Step-by-step support to break free of relationship patterns & reignite your relationship 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Practice the 3 evolutionary conversations that will raise the consciousness of your sexual and romantic relationships
  • Learn what to do when you get triggered and how to de-escalate without giving up your truth
  • Design your ideal love story and practice embodying it even before you meet your future partner
  • Resolve once and for all your most painful recurring patterns
  • How to make sure your past conflicts don’t come back to haunt your next relationship
  • Why being good at “conflict resolution” – the way its normally taught – can actually hurt your relationships
  • Discover your purpose for romantic and sexual relationships and use it to attract the right partner for you
  • Transcend the normal cycle of complaining and defensiveness for both you and your partner

“This workshop made it possible for me to effortlessly move through conflict by empowering me with both the frameworks and the tools to be in conflict with compassion and ease. Thank you so much Bryan and Jennifer! This workshop was priceless!”

– Michael Hrostoski, Founder of The School For Men