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  • Priestess-Summit

    The Modern Day Priestess Summit (9/17-27/2015)

    You are invited to join in an intimate dialogue with sisters from diverse spiritual lineages remembering The Priestess.


  • summit-web-3

    The Ultimate Love Summit (July 28, 2015)

    Welcome to the next evolution of LOVE for life, business and impact! I’d like to extend a personal invitation to join me in this one-time special free event The ULTIMATE LOVE Summit, created by my friend Dallas Michael Cyr.

  • Priestess

    “The Path of the Priestess”

    Discover Your Divine Purpose

    The power of women to create monumental change was a given in times past. Exceptional women held their place in front of the temple, as priestesses, guides and oracles, wise leaders, and medicine women. The world needs feminine leadership today more than ever, and as the new paradigm of the Divine Feminine defines itself, real leaders are emerging, guiding women to finding their “true voice,” and offering solutions for our troubled world.

  • recode-activator

    Recode Activator Event (Nov. 12-15, 2015)

    This is a powerful 4-day live training that is designed to be a transformative life laboratory, activating hidden abilities through experiential, real-world challenges and accessing new ways of defining yourself, your desires and goals, and the reality of the world around you. We’ll reveal the hottest new trends in marketing and mindset. Great for networking and often called the #1 Breakthrough Event for Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners.

  • recode-logo

    1-Day Recode Preview in San Francisco (Sept. 19, 2015)

    Experience RECODE Live in a 1-Day Preview Live Event taught by three globally recognized thought leaders and facilitators Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, and Kane Minkus. During this 1-day event, you’ll experience what it’s like to be in a room of people looking to be at the cutting edge of their own evolution.