It is a privilege to know truth. Embrace what is so — and let it transform you.

Executive Advisor & Coach

At California Leadership Center, we work with CEOs and executive teams who are seeking to make radical shifts – going beyond their current ceiling of complexity. Our specialty is rapid scale and creating cultural change.

There isn’t a more effective, high impact, low visibility way to multiply executive bandwidth than engaging Jennifer and her team of California Leadership coaches around your highest value opportunities and problems.

Transform the Leader…Transform the Business

The performance gap between good executives and extraordinary ones consists of the ability to put idea into existence in the real world. The difference between the most profound experiences and the most trite is measured by the size of this performance gap. Too often, executives (and their coaches) end up operating ‘in language only’ – saying all the right words, but missing the underlying meaning by a mile. Jennifer measures herself and those around her by the actual impact being created – on the teams she works with and on the marketplaces they play in.

It’s well known that as a company reaches its goals, it outgrows systems and infrastructure. What got you to 10 million in sales can’t get you to 100 million. The systems that a billion-dollar company requires to function would suffocate most business at the 100-million mark. The same is true of its executives. There are fundamental changes that every leader must make within themselves to meet the changing demands of a growing company. Most never make these changes and their career and company can suffer as a result. Jennifer specializes in seeing what’s just over the horizon for you as a leader and giving you the experiences you need to retrain yourself to expand with each greater challenge.

Imagine What We Can Do Together

I love to work with people who are up to big things in their lives, and give them extremely high-leverage tools and experiences – teaching them how to generate profound personal change for themselves and others.

My approach combines my knowledge and expertise in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, collaborative systems, NLP, family systems, the mechanics of change, facilitation and human transformation.

Some of my executive clients include the executive teams at many Fortune 500 companies, the CEOs and founders of Silicon Valley companies and various thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Speaking & Facilitation

Jennifer pulls from her vast experience, skills as a talented coach, in-depth knowledge in the areas of sales, marketing, and leadership to not only educate and entertain audiences, but to enchant and inspire crowds to grow and scale their business. Her dynamic and interactive talks are presented with authority, warmth and charm.

Here are just a few of the topics she has spoken about:

  • The 5 Aspects of Strategic Genius Used by The Ultra Successful
  • The 7 Figure Formula:  How to Rapidly Scale Your Business
  • How to Create Massive Impact in Your Business…and the World
  • The 7 Paradigms of Feminine Leadership:  How Women’s Soaring Influence Will Change the World
  • Generating Passion and Motivation:  The Key to Ongoing Success
  • How to Find Your Calling:  The 4 Key Questions You Should be Asking Yourself
  • Collaborative Systems:  The 5 Steps to Effectively Leading a Team

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