Breaking Through the Revenue Ceiling

February 9th, 2013

The difference between what you can competently manage now and what is required of you by playing a bigger game is separated by a performance plateau.

So you start a business and it reaches a certain level of success and then sort of parks there.  Even some companies that appear to be growing in fact are standing still when you account for inflation.

Then (often) something unfortunate happens (act of god, etc.) and the business is destroyed.  Then, in a fraction of the time it took the entrepreneur to create their first business they create a second business which plateaus at about the same level.

This can some times happen several times….

So what is this plateau? Why do we get stuck?….and How do we get out of it when it happens?

In this special tele seminar with Bryan Franklin and I hosted by Michael Ellsberg we talked about this revenue ceiling.

Listen to the Recording:

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Special Bonus

Toward the end of the call Bryan and I offered a special bonus so listen in for how we might collaborate with you on your endeavors as we are hand selecting a group of inspiring entrepreneurs we will be working with this year in our flagship Level 7 Leadership group and virtual Mind Money Meaning program.


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