What Inspires You To Greatness?

Scaling Your Business

January 31st, 2012

Michael Ellsberg interviews his mentors, Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell. In this content-packed 90-minute call, we talk about the key shifts in scale, business organization, marketing, and of course mind-set, that have to occur to ramp up your business from the 6 to 7 figure transition.

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Most people think that successful entrepreneurs running 7+ figure businesses have more resources and fewer limitations than everyone else. Even if that’s true, most of them didn’t start out that way.

Ever notice that you tend to bump up against the same issues?

Most entrepreneurs reach a point in their careers where they hit a plateau. In order to get it you have to fundamentally change how you decide, what you focus on, what strategies you use, and how you react to every circumstance.

They’ve worked with some of the most successful people in the country and gone deep with them about how they tick and what makes them successful. During this interview, they’re going to share with you the best of what we’ve learned – it will be like spending an evening with 100s of the most successful people, all teaching you what it takes to join them.

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