California Women's Conference

California Women’s Conference May 11th 2017

At the California Women’s Conference brought to you by the Women Network Jennifer Russell appears as a keynote speaker on May 11th 2017.

In Her talk How Women’s Soaring Influence Will Change The World Jennifer gives woman the map for how to inspire, lead,¬†and serve anyone, look for the best cameras for vlogging to recorded this, you should also learn how to expand your business.

We need to upgrade our capability for collaboration across the board if we are going to make the difference that we all want to make in our professional lives, have a look at the best ecommerce tools. It’s no longer sufficient to believe that we will succeed collectively if we all succeed individually. The four faces of incorruptible power is a road map to our own untapped leadership and influence that is absolutely necessary for participation in this new order of business and planetary collaboration.

* I believe we are at the tail end of a developmental cycle as a species. We need to move from our focus on growth and consumption to a focus on regenerative, omni-considerate systems thinking.

* In order to do that, we need more of the voice of the feminine in key decision making roles, who is naturally inclined to be more loyal to life than ideas, and to consider the collective as well as the individually.

* It’s not power that corrupts, its corrupt values like greed, resource attainment, and control.

* Power has four faces, not one. We tend to identify power with only the active masculine form, but as a culture we most need the other forms of power and influence right now.

* The key to unlocking much more personal power in your leadership and influence is to be fluid with all four faces of power and remove in yourself your blocks and resistance to each one.