2013 Mastermind

Defining the Future of Entrepreneurship

Building the best programs and events possible involves the convergence of truly exceptional people, a highly collaborative and thought-provoking environment, and enough hands-on time to implement  the high value strategies and ideas you learning.

The Level 7 Leadership Group is our flagship mastermind program. For one year, you and 40 other highly successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders work together to rapidly scale their business ideas. We set the stage for people to forge new relationships, spawn new business ideas, tackle social change, and make our world a better place.

We’ve helped 7 companies scale to $1 Billion

We’ve mentored and advised some of the most exciting founders and CEOs in the Silicon Valley and have helped 7 companies reach over a $1 Billion in revenue. We open our rolodexes and bring all this to bare on your success.

During the year we all become dedicated to each other and work to rapidly scale each other’s businesses and personal growth during 5×4 Day retreats and participation on advisory boards throughout the year.

The emphasis is on collaboration, creating breakthroughs, critical thinking and strategic shifting of your paradigm and thus your business – improving your business more quickly than you could do yourself.

It’s about game-changing results…results which translate into new business opportunities, high level strategy and insight from peers and experts in a wide-range of fields, and real-time deal flow that generates true bottom-line performance.
Let’s do the numbers., our alumni last year…

  • Started 7 new businesses
  • Increased sales for existing businesses by $35 million
  • Increased the valuation of their businesses by over $100 million
  • Connected to over 100 key influencers in their respective industry
  • Launched over 10 new products
  •  Made over $1 million dollars during our lunch breaks at our live events

How to join our growing tribe of entrepreneurs

During the year you will work closely with Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, and their guest experts in a highly individualized, interactive, and dynamic environment.

The program is designed for those who know that the only way to create sustainable success is to commit yourself fully to both the inner work and the outer work that you need to do in order to free yourself of those old patterns and live an integrated life.

To find out more about our program which begins March 3013, complete the Interest Form below.

Our 2013 Level 7 Leadership Group


WANTED: 40 Successful, Exciting, & Inspiring Entrepreneurs.

If that description fits you…we want to connect and know who you are! We are putting together our members for our 2013 mastermind and would love to hear from you. Complete the Interest Form below to begin the registration process.

Going from success to significance

This is our flagship mastermind program designed for the most dynamic dreamers and doers who are looking to go from success to significance. It’s about creating game-changing resultsthat mean new business opportunities, better insight from peers and experts in a wide-range of fields, and real-time deal-construction that generates true bottom-line performance.

Building the best Mastermind event possible involves the convergence of truly exceptional people, a highly collaborative and thought-provoking environment, and hyper-relevant hands-on time to allow everyone to work on each other’s businesses.

For many of us our biggest challenges today are the same ones we were having a month ago, 6 months ago, and even a year or more ago. Creating a different future with significantly different circumstances requires that we have the appropriate ‘ecological’ support to make it happen.

Here we create game changing results. We spend the year in a highly interactive, collaborative and dynamic environment helping each other integrate and implement the strategies of the ultra-successful and most creative people on the planet.

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