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Imagine what might happen if you suddenly had access to thousands of key influencers, innovative entrepreneurs and industry experts who couldn’t wait to help you.

Our programs are about game-changing results that mean new business opportunities, high-level insight from peers and experts in a wide-range of fields, and real-time deal-construction that sets the stage for rapidly scaling your business.

Our programs are about creating awakening experiences and identity level changes that help you become the most evolved version of yourself.

When you combine both those things you get some of the most impactful group experiences on the planet.

Join Our Growing Tribe of Thought Leaders & Entrepreneurs

We engage the most dynamic and exceptional people who are looking to go from success to significance. Through our community based digital platform, annual live events, growing network of experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs we set the stage for people to forge new relationships, spawn new business ideas, tackle social change, and make our world a better place.

Learn the source code of success from some of the industry’s most preeminent experts.

We work with extraordinary people who want to build themselves into the entrepreneurs that accomplish grand visions – through understanding and implementing the strategies used by some of the most creative and successful people on the planet. There are 3 pillars of success in any professional endeavor that you must master in order to growth and scale your business:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • and Leadership

The 2013 Mind, Money, & Meaning Program

We created the Mind Money and Meaning program as a comprehensive virtual MBA in Entrepreneurship where you will master these 3 pillars.

This program will walk you through the source code of what createsAM Kickoff Shot5 success in an interactive environment where you’ll be working to expand your capabilities, network, and resources. This is the best way to ensure that you are able to realize your grand visions.

From Startup to Sustainability to Scalability

Mind Money Meaning sets the stage for taking your business through all 3 entrepreneurial phases: startup, sustainability, and scalability. We will walk you through the mindsets, strategies, and blueprints of some of the most innovative and creative experts in the field and include opportunities to receive coaching throughout the year on your specific business challenges.  To find out more about our Virtual Entrepreneur’s Program click the button below.

Our 2013 Level 7 Leadership Group 

WANTED: 40 Successful, Exciting, & Inspiring Entrepreneurs.

If that description fits you fill in your name and email in the box below and we’ll get in touch.  We want to connect and know who you are. We are hand-selecting our members for this year’s Mastermind Program and would love to hear from you.

Going from success to significance

Building the best mastermind possible involves the convergence of truly exceptional people, a highly collaborative and thought-provoking environment, and hyper-relevant hands-on time to allow everyone to work on each other’s businesses together.

We’ve become adept at creating awakening experiences around purposeful business endeavors such that you become more capable and more free.  It is a unique environment where we spend equal time on the physical and tangible world of bottom line results AND on the more metaphysical identity level changes that get at the nature of who you are.

This mastermind is designed for the most dynamic dreamers and doers who are looking to go from success to significance. It’s about creating game-changing results that mean new business opportunities, better insight from peers and experts in a wide-range of fields, and real-time deal-construction that generates true bottom-line performance.

There are no spectators. It’s like having 40 highly successful entrepreneurs open up their networks and expertise in service to your endeavors…and you in theirs. We spend the year in a highly interactive and collaborative environment helping each other integrate and implement what we are learning together.

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