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RECODE Activator

The RECODE system will immerse you in a transformative life laboratory, activating hidden abilities through experiential, real-world challenges and accessing new ways of defining yourself, your desires and goals, and the reality of the world around you.

Throughout the RECODE system, the very fabric of who you believe you are is re-woven using new thinking frameworks that interrupt your old, automatic way of interpreting yourself and the world around you.

First with new awareness, then new relationships and habits, you begin to form a new game that nurtures your greatest gifts and gives your life’s purpose a sense of possibility, clarity, and urgency.

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RECODE Facilitator

The RECODE Facilitator Program is a combination of the most powerful thinking frameworks that global leaders, movers and shakers, and change agents are using to create a real and measurable impact in their communities, industries, and countries, the most up-to-date and relevant business strategies you’ll need to make this into a successful business, and the most impactful teachings on how to learn the art of creating change.

Whether you wish to be the inspirational speaker that changes people’s hearts and minds with your own personal message or to use the RECODE Facilitation “business in a box” to create your own group coaching business based on the consciousness-expanding RECODE Activator material, this facilitator training gives you all the elements you need to market, sell, and deliver powerful group transformational programs.

If you know that making a positive impact in other people’s lives is a core component of your life’s mission, then learning the craft of potent one-to-many interpersonal interaction is essential. This is the art and craft of transformational facilitation, the promise of this extraordinary program.

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RECODE Free Short Course

Activate new thinking frameworks and unlock hidden abilities in this Free 90-Minute RECODE Short Course.

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Viral Loop Success Circle

The Viral Loop Success Circle is 3-month program designed to take you step-by-step through the process of creating, setting up, and launching a new marketing funnel for your products, services, and programs side-by-side with Viral Business Growth expert Bryan Franklin.

Listen to Bryan’s talk on The End of Marketing.

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