The Key to Success? Keep Your Vision Big and Your Focus Small

One of the big mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is they try and do too much. They try to define their company too broadly. (more…)

The #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Out

Today I want to talk about the beginning, when you’re just getting started, when you’re starting a business. What is the common mistake you might make when you’re just getting started? (more…)

Why it’s So Hard to Change “Safe” Into Success

Last week, I talked about becoming an expert at change to get what you want. And part of that change involves the ecological support you’ve been conditioned with. It seems to be a thing that gets in the way of change. So why do we have it? What purpose does it serve? (more…)

Become an Expert at Change and Get What You Want

What actually permits you to change?  There may be some pretty big things that we’re going to have to change about ourselves in order to have the things that we want.  The bigger things that must change and that will change this year likely are things you haven’t even viewed or identified or have in your awareness at all. (more…)

Are You Really Committed to What You Say You Are?

Our commitments lie in what we’re actually doing, not in what we value. What you do is what you’re truly committed to, what you value is aspiration. (more…)

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