Feminine Leadership Paradigm #1: Competitive vs. Collaborative

June 4th, 2012

Feminine Leadership represents a new way of viewing how power and success is achieved. On the more masculine side we see a competitive paradigm. That’s a win/lose, dog-eat-dog model that has results in champions and failures.

Feminine Leadership focuses on collaborating and contributing to one another and working together by sharing resources and ideas so that both parties stand to gain and learn from one another.

It is based on an abundance mindset. Competitive thinking creates a limiting belief that if you are helping your “competitors,” then there might be fewer opportunities for you.

Instead, see how nurturing those relationships can help you succeed. I think we can create an environment where all of us are creating more rather than less.  This is not to do away with competition. This is just to champion more and more collaboration.

How Can You Make the Shift to a More Collaborative Spirit?

Think about two people with whom you are the most competitive, where their win feels like a loss for you.

Feminine Leadership - Jennifer Russell

Then, think about an act of generosity or kindness that would give them some advantage. Think how you might contribute to their success in a way that helps them further what they’re doing.

In so doing, I want you to notice the ripple effect of what that does for you in your life as you begin to become the person that is collaborate with the people that you work with.

My premise is that more and more people will gravitate to you and you’ll have more success.

How would being more collaborative shift your business and how you are seen as a leader? Share your thoughts below.

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