How to Be a Strong Business Leader in Today’s World

January 29th, 2014

To many, it seems like the traditional top-down business leadership approach is really becoming outdated.  However, it’s still lingering.  It still exists. Leaders face a complex situation at the moment because we’re in a transition period where the old is going out, but it’s still there, and the new is coming in simultaneously.

This makes for a lot of chaos, and a good leader today is someone who has an extraordinary capacity to hold the chaos. Of course, that is one of the key traits of the feminine—the beautiful chaos is all around us in the world, versus the order and the structure that the masculine imposes.  Both are wonderful and necessary, but at the moment there’s a great deal of chaos.

So what makes an amazing leader nowadays and what can women in particular do to cultivate their personal leadership style in the midst of all of this constant change that surrounds us?

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A Paradigm Shift in Business Leadership24 hour employment law helpline for employers

Our culture is really ripe for change.  I think now more than almost any time in our history, our paradigms for leadership are up for revision.

What I’m seeing in a lot of the entrepreneurs and executives I work with is a transition from the competitive win/lose environment where the more I win, the more I gain and the more you lose. The game of how can we accumulate more resources and accumulate more power is no longer being played as much.

What I’m seeing emerge now is a new paradigm where collaboration and contribution is creating nonlinear growth both in the companies and in people personally.  When I look at leadership now, I’m seeing the transition. All of us are starting to come together to collaborate for the betterment of all of the people that we know and serve, because we’re better in community than we are in isolation.

a strong business leader bridges the gap


Holding Paradox Bridges the Gap Between Now and the Future

Part of being a good leader is recognizing that, but also I think it’s about holding paradox. In chaos is often paradox.  One of the basic human paradoxes that good leaders hold is that in one hand, with crystal clarity, you hold onto your future vision of what you believe can happen so that every detail in that future is totally real to you and therefore, you believe it and anyone who comes in contact with you believes it. And in the other hand, you hold firmly in the reality of what it’s like right now and you don’t shy away from any truth or any aspect of the present regardless of how much it conflicts with your vision.

A good leader to me understands how to hold both of those at once and if you hold them both, you will become the bridge that takes someone from what it’s like now to this future version.

Behavioral Flexibility is the Key to Leadership

One of the things that we talk about in Mind Money Meaning as we’re helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs is the concept that the most flexible aspect of the system controls the system. Thus, behavioral flexibility is one of the key traits that we like to teach leaders.

Which leader are you going to trust?  The one that can hold you in all of your range of expression, both the breakdowns and the breakthroughs, when it’s smooth and when it’s rough? Or the leader that needs it to always be a certain way in a very narrow box?

Greatness demands both decisiveness and flexibility, courage and prudence, strength and vulnerability, action and introspection. It’s understanding how to navigate between those ranges and navigate between then with agility and grace that makes a great leader. If you’re hiring more employees, now might also be the time to think about hiring payroll services company Singapore.

A leader knows how to bridge that gap between the present and the magnificent visions of the future. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think makes a strong leader in today’s world!

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