Emotions Are a Woman’s (and a Man’s) Most Powerful Tool

January 15th, 2014

Emotions, at their core, are neither good nor bad. Rather, emotions are tools that we use to shape our experiences and our interactions. Emotions are the tools for your transformation and growth.  They are the larger tools in your tool belt, your growth tool belt.  So they arise and they each can be wielded either consciously or unconsciously towards a positive or negative consequence.

The darker emotions, in my opinion, are the juiciest. There’s a famous quote.  The Dalai Lama was once asked, “Who is your greatest spiritual teacher?”  His answer was shocking.  He said, “Mao Tse-Tung,” who was largely responsible for destroying Tibet.  His very nemesis was his greatest teacher.

emotions are a powerful tool

source: theguardian.com

Channeling Negative Emotions

My idea around the negative emotions is to use them as the tools that they are because there is richness there.  If you follow your anger or you follow your shame and can sit with it and not repress it and fade it and try to make it go away, you’ll find the place that you are longing and yearning to grow and transcend.

Because that’s the place that you need to insert your love, your self-acceptance.  That’s the place that you need to not hide, but literally reveal to yourself and the people around you because the moment you reveal that to yourself and give it a little bit of self-acceptance, that’s when it no longer has power over you.

If you want to evolve consciousness, you want to evolve the human experience through you, you must befriend your darkest emotions and take them out to play. You must court them, so to speak.  Literally spend more of your time and energy in them, with them, discovering them — if you’re up to the game of really transforming yourself and the people around you.

Channeling Emotions into Energy as a Woman

If we’re going to talk about masculine and feminine and being born as a woman and expressing in a more feminine or womanly way, I think of it like this…

The masculine energy is more about penetrating the space, like pushing into the space, creating and making things happen.  So it’s got more of that penetrative push energy.  I think women and the feminine is primarily about the attractive energy.

Love and seduction are often attributed to women (although, of course, men and women both seduce) because when a woman enters a space, it’s like she’s created this magnetic pull towards herself.

You can watch.  When a beautiful woman, who’s really radiant and self-expressed, comes into the room, the whole room will reorganize, like moths to a flame, around her.  It’s an attractive source.

It’s like gravity.  There’s a gravity well around a woman when she’s expressed and powerful.  She owns her emotions, her beauty, her range, her expression, which creates a larger and larger gravitational force.

What I Love About Being a Woman: The Gravity Well

One of the things I love about being a woman is being the gravity well, which collects universal energy that I then get to use and channel into anything I want.  I think of myself like a satellite dish that’s literally collecting all of the energy around me.

It fuels me.  It funds my passion, my motivation, my desire.  It funds my intelligence.  It funds so many things in my life.  I feel like I have this infinite source that I can turn on.  To take the satellite dish metaphor one step further, it also has a focusing point that I can aim.

For instance, when I get attention from a man cat calling me on the street, rather than shrinking and going, “I don’t like him.  I don’t want that attention,” my satellite dish collects that energy. I feel enlivened in that moment rather than retracted in that moment and then I have more to use in the world, to affect the changes I want to create in my clients, in the people in our programs, and in the world in general.

I love the part of being a woman that allows me to be a gravity well for the life force of the universe itself.

What’s your favorite part about being a woman (or a man)? How do you channel your emotions into positive energy? Leave a comment below!

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