How to Grow Profits 3.5X Faster

November 13th, 2013

What’s the trick to grow your profits 3 and a half times faster?

There’s a company called Startup Genome that analyzed the growth of over fifty thousand start-ups, and they discovered something that accelerates growth by more than three hundred percent. They tracked how quickly each company grew their revenues, products, and teams – and they looked at hundreds of different factors until they found this one.

They discovered that entrepreneurs grew their businesses three and a half times faster if they had regular contact with mentors and advisors.

Does that mean you’ll save years or decades of trial and error and grow your business in record time if you just get anyone at all to be a mentor to you?  Of course not.

Grow Profits

The people that are able to use mentors and advisors well understand that the wrong mentor can be dangerous to your business and end up destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

I’m Jennifer Russell, the co-creator of the Mind Money Meaning system and a mentor and advisor to hundreds of fast-growing companies… from thousands of employees down to entrepreneurs working by themselves.

In order to avoid the mistakes that undermine most mentoring relationships, you must learn:
•    How to tell the difference between a role model that can help you and one that will hold you back.
•    Where to find the best mentors and advisors
•    How most entrepreneurs shoot themselves in the foot by using good role models to justify bad decisions
•    The 5 secrets you should reveal about your business to as many advisors as you can
•    What stealing underpants has to do with growing your business
•    and show you the email you can send tonight that will get the most powerful people you know  working for your success

Why Do Companies with Access to Role Models Grow Profits 3.5x Faster?

Why do companies with access to role models, advisors, and mentors grow 3.5 faster?  You might think its just because you get to see behind the curtain and understand how your mentor thinks – to soak up their wisdom like a sponge, and take all you can and stuff it into your bag of tricks.

But its even more valuable in reverse.  When a mentor can truly understand you.  What you want, what you are capable of, and your exact current growth trajectory.  Rather than just learning a bunch of generalized best practices, then your mentor can put themselves in your shoes and help you make the wisest decisions for you.

Racing Your Ghost

Grow Profits 2It’s a lot like racing your ghost.   You’re on the track racing around those hairpin turns trying to beat the clock on your last lap and when you start the next lap, you can see a ghostlike image of you from your last lap as you go around the track for this lap.  You can see the ghostly image following the path you just paved last time as you make new decisions and new corrections this time.

Now imagine racing the ghost of the record holding driver on that track, the driver with the fastest lap time.  The driver whose likely done that track 100 times, a thousand times and knows it inside and out.  Imagine racing that ghost.  You’ll see how fast he’s going as he enters each turn, how long he waits before hitting the brakes, which lines he’s choosing around each turn, how he’s shifting his gears to get that last bit of power which charges him ahead.

Grow Profits 1So when you’re actually on the track, you can’t see that ghost.  If it’s a new track you have no idea how fast you can go and still feel like you’ve got control of the car.  You don’t know how sharp the next is.

Having a mentor in your business is like having someone right next to you in the passenger seat who can see the ghost of the all-star driver. They can tell you when to zig when you want to zag, when to brake when you would’ve throttled.  When to leave your website as it is when you would’ve spent time redoing it.  When to hire someone when you would be afraid about cash flow, or when to make an investment in your future when you would’ve waited.

I have so much more to teach you about growing your business into a scalable, wealth generating, job creating empire in its own right. Check out my Mind Money Meaning system to get started.

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