Setting Up the Assets to Build Your Business

November 27th, 2013

Most of you have powerful mentors or role models, and you want to emulate the businesses and empires they’ve built. But rather than mimic what they do or have done, what other important step can you take? 
You can figure out what assets they’ve built, particularly when those role models were close to the stage that you are in.

Take a good business role model for you, and start to list the ASSETS that this role model relies on to produce the results you want.  I’ll say that again:  take a good business role model for you, and start to list the ASSETS that this role model relies on to produce the results you want.

So, like I talked about last week…if you were trying to fly like a bird, you wouldn’t stand there and flap your arms. Doing what the bird does would get you nowhere.  You would, instead, consider the following assets that enable the bird to fly, and copy those:

1) the bird has wings
2) the bird has a very light bone structure
3) the bird has an aerodynamic shape.
4) the bird has relatively powerful propulsion engine

Build these for yourself and you’ll achieve lift-off!

The Right Assets to Build Your Business Might Be…

  • A customer list with 10s of 1000s of people on it.
  • A website that automatically converts visitors into customers that buy every time, launch yours using any of this wordpress shared plans
  • A linked-in campaign that generates 100 high-quality leads per week
  • Case studies that prove that your product works
  • A marketing team that can implement ideas and make them profitable
  • A product idea that’s so good, customers line up to buy it without spending any money on marketing

build your business on assets

Once you know what assets you need in order to produce the results you want systematically and automatically, then you can find out what you need to DO in order to set up each asset.

It means that you aren’t going to be doing what your role models are doing – which is pretty obvious – because they already have the assets that you need to be building right now which is why they are a role model for you to begin with.  It also means that it’s really important to choose role models whose success relies on assets that are the kind of assets you can easily build.

There are no points in business for making it hard!  If your role model is famous and you’re not, if they have a lot of capital to invest and you don’t, or if they have a lot of expertise that you don’t – you probably need a new role model because those things take a really long time to build, and you want to be growing your business quickly. There are Many amazing products to improve your business effectivity, so If you struggling finding winning products try Amzscout to help yourself out.

I’m not saying there is no room for originality and innovation.  You will undoubtedly bring your own special brand of ideas and treatments to everything you do – which is important – but if you are going to base the basic structure, market, offer, pricing, or business model on another business that inspires you – MAKE SURE you are building the assets that they rely on for their success.

When I first discovered this it totally blew my mind.

Make Your Assets Happen Through Sequencing

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute Jennifer.  It doesn’t really help me to know that I need a website that converts or a big list of customers.  I still don’t know how to make those things.”  I get it.  That’s because of the other profound problem with our relationship to heroes, mentors, and role models:

We totally ignore the most important success factor of all – sequencing.  More on that next week! In the meantime, take a peek at Mind Money Meaning to get ahead of the game.

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