The Importance of Sequencing: 5 Secrets to Tell Your Tell Your Business Mentor

December 4th, 2013

In order to do anything, you need to know the right sequence.  The right order of the steps.  When you do things in the right order – everything feels pretty easy.  When you are skipping around and you don’t know the right order, everything feels difficult and overwhelming.

Think about the last idea you got excited about but didn’t or couldn’t implement.

Did you know for certain that it was the best next step in the proper sequence of growing your business?  Did you know what other assets it relied on to produce results?  No – you didn’t.  Someone showed you that it worked and so you tried it.  But just because you saw it work for someone else – with different assets, advantages, processes, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses – doesn’t mean it will work for your situation.  Different assets mean different next steps: If you want to buy a house, your next steps are going to totally depend on if you already have a down-payment saved up.

In the video about procrastination and overwhelm, you learned the secret about that word “can’t”.  The only difference between anything you can do and the things you can’t do is knowing the order of the steps.  Usually, you are more than capable of every step – its just about knowing the right order.  If there’s a step you can’t accomplish, it can always be broken down into smaller steps that you can accomplish.

“Anything is possible if it can be broken down into small enough steps.” – Henry Ford

So – if you know you need to build a website that converts, but you have no idea even where to start to make that happen, then you’ve skipped some steps, because when you grow your business the easy way by putting the assets you need in place in the right order, each asset that you put in place buys you the time, money, knowledge, and confidence you need to build the next one.
You know you’ve got to build your assets in a particular order – and you know that you’ll grow 3.5x faster if you work with an advisor who can help you make sure you’re building assets and not copying actions.  But there’s a habit that most people have that can completely neutralize an advisor and make them useless to you.  And that habit is keeping secrets.

don't keep secrets from your business mentors

Never Keep Secrets from Your Business Mentor

You might not be comfortable advertising how much money you make or bragging about how great you are.  That’s normal.  It might be because of positive aspects of your personality, like humility and tact.  It’s also because you might be embarrassed, either because you are not making as much money as you want people to think you are, or because you make more money than you think they will be comfortable with.  In most relationships, there’s very little to be gained from talking about how much money you make, so there’s no big problem with keeping it a secret.  But there’s one relationship where it’s crucial to reveal the truth – especially about money.  And that’s your relationship with your mentors and advisors.

An advisor or mentor has the job of understanding your “point A” – where you are now, and your “point B” – where you want to be.  Then they can give you advice about what path to take.  With impartial information about either point, an advisor is likely to lead you off course or miss something important.  That’s why it’s crucial to reveal these 5 secrets to your advisors.  If you haven’t had an advisory board before, it can feel uncomfortable to talk about some of these topics.  I’m going to list the highest value secrets for you to reveal to advisors.

As you read them, I want you to ask yourself how many of these secrets are you keeping to yourself? How many are you only sharing with one person?  If you haven’t told your advisors the answers to these questions, then its like telling them you are in New York when you are really in Miami and then asking them how to get to San Francisco!

Secret #1) How much money are you making?
Secret #2) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Secret #3) What specific outcome would make you feel like a success?
Secret #4) In what ways do you feel like a fraud?
Secret #5) What basic steps have you totally skipped?

I can help you with sequencing and with facing down the 5 big secrets through my Mind Money Meaning system. It’s a customized way to divulge the important information that’s going to grow your business fast.

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